Lange hat es gedauert, aber nun ist es endlich da. Das Firmeware-Update für mein Meizu MX3. Mit dem neuen Update wird Flyme OS auf die Version angehoben. Flyme OS ist das eigene angepasste Android von Meizu. Im Hintergrund werkelt nun Android 4.4.4

Für manch andere Smartphones gibt es zwar schon Lollipop (Android 5) aber ich bin mit 4.4.4 (KitKat) erst einmal zufrieden und hoffe das mit dem Update einige Bugs behoben wurden.

Die kompletten Änderungen sehen wie folgt aus.

– Repair encrypted application launch two issues.
– Fix multiple flash navigation application had to switch screens appear, and even lead to the problem of low hurdles not click.
– When you return to running in the background restoration program interface to exit the program returns to the desktop instead of the normal problems.
– Fix some scenes overlap or desktop icon reload problem.

– Slide the lock screen repair can go directly to the issue of encryption applications.

– Remove the old interface blacklist to prevent abnormal preliminary data is retained.
– Fix MX3 password lock screen, the words at the bottom of the „emergency call“, click into the interface shown as „emergency call“ problem.

– SMS in turn suspended ball, blank above the keyboard problem under some scenarios.

Ball suspension:
– Repair of the two suspension ball buttons appear in some scenes.

– Repair Gallery clear the cache, click on the thumbnail into the big picture, the bigger the problem for too long to load.
– Fix acquire thumbnail images as large as the length and width of the thumbnail with the original question.
– Repair large map interface even now no response issues.
– Repair drag delete all pictures return key does not respond to the question.
– Double-click the folder under repair subfolders color blocks, and even now the question of error gallery.
– Repair cloud album folder list, click the menu key to select load backup settings, the interface will be stuck in the problem.
– After the notification bar notification bar does not disappear when problems arise larger view fullscreen repair.
– Add the repair area to display a directory listing display lock picture issues.
– After the repair part of the picture editor-size image is enlarged interception, gallery stop running issue.
– Fixing fullscreen view large image appear notification bar does not automatically hidden problems.

Security Center:
– Streamline rights management copy.
– Adjust the Home icon and text alignment.
– After the reboot to restore the system default keyboard repair problems.
– Since the start whitelist remove Taobao, Alipay wallet, Google Pinyin.
– After the repair process to clean up the scanning process again may still question.
– Killing virus scan insertion repair SIM card after the completion of the issue will be re-scanned.
– After repairing a key detection, the problem still shows an exclamation point after the garbage clean-up is completed.
– Insert the SIM card into the MX3 repair center a key safety testing, the safety center the question of error.
– After restoration cleanup „Settings“ in the process, time off failure problem.
– Fixing garbage clean check Sogou input method, rubbish will be undertaken during the scan, the cleaning process safety center the question of error.
– Repair unclear data upgrade, insert the SIM card has been set to complete, traffic management settings interface has parameters, the main screen shows the initial state, the main interface to modify the monthly flow to return to normal issues.
– Click the Settings pop-up toast repair location is not the right questions when traffic management is not SIM card is inserted.

– Fix the problem manually adjusted parameters flash mode does not work.

– Fix the cover of the local multiple-line song automatically after a cover which can no longer cover the use of other online.
– Fix single song list screen single song name display only the first word in the position enough, followed by an ellipsis problem.
– Repair enter artist / song after song single detail interface is checked, uncheck the slide will load more after the list of issues.
– Fix the equalizer off and then turned on the question has no effect.

– Repair MX2 source dropdown details page refreshes, the white bar appears at the top of the problem;
– Fix the problem even now reading error.

– Repair projection screen feature image discoloration.
– Fix Uninstall encryption applications, not directly uninstall password box pops up questions.

– Repair exits sleep / conference / Driving / Custom mode playing more of a line box problem.

– Repair using a WLAN connection is closed VPN WLAN data traffic using automatic reconnection to fail.

Voice assistant:
– Fix error repeated inquiries movie business issues.

– When the file restoration support multiple open way to choose a default mode, you can not re-select Open issues.
– Repair in ART mode drag to move the file to a file folder document crashes.

– Repair iFlytek voice select English, English for Chinese recognition of the problem.